People Drove Into An Alberta Anti-Racism Protest & Screamed 'All Lives Matter' (VIDEO)

Police were on scene but didn't intervene.
Innisfail Alberta Protest Had People Drive In & Shout "All Lives Matter" (VIDEO)
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A viral video is circulating social media that shows people screaming “all lives matter” during an anti-racism protest in Alberta. The Innisfail protest took place on Saturday, June 13. A video of the events was caught on camera and posted on Reddit. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes mature language. 

A woman named Brittany Bovey attempted to organize an anti-racist protest in Innisfail, Alberta. 

It was quickly met with backlash which caused Bovey to initially postpone the event because there were “too many racists” in town, she said. 

While there were initial hiccups, Bovey came out to say that the event would continue as intended. 

On Saturday, June 13, the town of Innisfail gathered in a field next to a grocery store in town. Narcity spoke with the local resident who took and shared the video online. 

According to their description of the events, everyone was sitting on the grass and listening to about a dozen speakers recount their experiences with racism in Alberta and their suggestions on how to move forward. 

The videographer noted that the event started off peaceful but then took a turn when things were coming to a close. 

This is when two men on motorcycles reportedly drove into the crowd yelling "all lives matter." They then allegedly sat there and revved their engines for a few minutes. 

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In the video, you can see the two men on motorcycles among the crowd. 

With multiple people yelling, the words can be hard to make out but one of the protesters with a megaphone says “this is our opportunity to talk to them and engage with them politely.”

One of the men can be heard repeatedly yelling “all lives matter” which is met with “boos” and “Black lives matter” chants. 

One man can be heard swearing at a woman. The other man can be heard yelling at the same woman to get away from his bike. 

The man with the megaphone reminds everyone that this is a peaceful protest. 

The person who posted the video told us that other than some intense reactions, the protesters were allowing the men to speak and were listening. 

Not shown in the video are the cops that were on the scene. The Innisfail resident told Narcity the police "didn’t feel the need to intervene at any point."

Eventually, the two guys left after about 10 minutes, said the local.  

They also noted that there were some additional people at the protest that had “all lives matter” signs, but they were peaceful. 

During the protest, the witness said that everyone was kneeling while some counter-protesters were standing among the crowd during the speeches. 

In a Facebook group called Central Alberta Against Racism, the organizer, Brittany Bovey posted a screenshot of a threat she reportedly received over hosting the event. 

The screenshot reads that Bovey and her family “will pay dearly” for insulting the people of Innisfail. The poster wrote that she will be “shunned, rumoured about and eventually will have to leave.”

[rebelmouse-image 25984870 photo_credit="Central Alberta Against Racism | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="491x459"] Central Alberta Against Racism | Facebook

Bovey responded with “don’t care if people hate me for posting this, but this is why we need active change in Innisfail.”

Other protests of this nature have been met with backlash including one in Toronto that resulted in a person showing up in blackface

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