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You can scream for ice cream this summer in Florida, and this colorful truck could come cruising down your street. The Hyppo & Mayday Ice Cream truck is now taking requests for where it should visit next, stretching across North and Central Florida. You'll be the neighborhood hero once these tasty frozen treats arrive. 

The truck is currently visiting St. Johns, Duval, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, and Alachua counties. You can track where they are now or check The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops and Mayday Ice Cream Instagram pages weekly for the official schedules. 

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The days of sitting around the fire to enjoy a meal with our fellow cavemen and women have come and gone; however, there's still a sense of community around having hearty bites together. We can take a little step back in time at a new pizza place in Jacksonville. And the craziest part? You'll feel like you're eating in a cave.

Located near Cummer Museum (which is free to visit on Fridays if you need and excuse to go) in Jacksonville's 5 Points, you'll find Pizza Cave — a new addition to Sun-Ray Cinema that offers a little slice of the past with a modern-day twist.

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Whoever invented brunch has a special place reserved in heaven (and our hearts). Can there be a better idea than a second breakfast that includes endless cocktails? Hardly. If you're one of those people who would turn any weekday into Sunday brunch, we have two bits of great news. One: A free festival is coming to Jacksonville this spring, and two: it's dedicated to everything bloody mary and brunch.

Jacksonville's Brunch And Bloody Mary Festival will take place on March 22, and you can enjoy it at the Riverside Arts Market under the Fuller Warner Bridge near the Cummer Museum and Gardens.

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There's something about a classic anime or cartoon we grew up on that fills our soul with joy; while we'll never understand why nostalgia's power level is over 9000, we're thankful it brings us awesome restaurants like Soupa Saiyan in Jacksonville.

This Dragonball Z themed noodle spot got its start in Orlando in 2016, but when we found out it was opening a new location in Jacksonville, we lost it.

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After solidifying their place in Orlando, Dragon Ball Z themed noodle shop Soupa Saiyan FINALLY opened up a new location in Jacksonville — and we were so pumped. Fans of the original location were a little disappointed, however, after finding out that the build your own bowl option did not come with it.

Fans of this nerdy little noodle bar have been commenting since they opened on their Insta and Facebook posts wondering when they could expect to see the popular customizable bowls make a comeback; with no dropped date, it seemed it may never happen.

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In Orlando, a Dragon Ball Z-themed noodle shop grabbed the world by the dragon balls with their nostalgic space and slurpable soup bowls. Now you can get your fill of noodles and anime at one spot in Jacksonville, too. Soupa Saiyan Jacksonville is here and our excitement level is over 9000!

With wall-to-wall manga and anime clipping murals, colorful Dragon Ball Z art, and a DBZ-themed neon light, the place gives off a fun and upbeat atmosphere. This new location is everything we could have imagined.

They even have a little outdoor seating space.

You can stop in and choose from tons of options on a newly revamped menu. They even have a "build-a-bowl" option, where you can choose from tons of broth, noodle, protein and topping choices.

Or you can opt for one of their specials or snag one of their Japanese cheesecakes and a Spirit Bomb energy drink to top off your meal.

Soupa Noodle Bar (also known as Soupa Saiyan 2) is located at 4549 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL.

We're ready to Kamehame-have us some – if you happen to be in Orlando, check out their original location that started it all. Then, maybe swing by a post-apocalyptic "Fallout"-themed bar hidden inside a comic book shop for a day full of Orlando geekery.

Soupa Saiyan 2 — Soupa Noodle Bar

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Build your own noodles, ramen and Japanese-style sweets and eats.

Address: 4549 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL

Why You Need To Go: A deliciously nostalgic place to indulge in your need for noodles and take in all the Dragon Ball Z geekery of your childhood.

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Chick-Fil-A might be one of Southerners' favorite fast food restaurant but only one state on the east coast will get Chick-Fil-A's new seasonal lemonades. Jacksonville, Florida will be one of the selected states to get the new Seasonal Mango Passion and Blackberry Blossom Tea Lemonades.

And it only makes sense since Florida is the Sunshine State. In addition, Chick-Fil-A will also release a new Mocha Cream Cold Brew. Yum!

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Opa! For it will be an authentic Greek celebration. From sweet baklavas to savory gyros, this festival will bring all your European genes alive. Foodies looking for food festivals in Florida, include St. Augustine's Greek Fest on your list — it will transport you straight to Santorini without ever leaving the Sunshine State.

This cultural festival returns for the 22nd year & will have mouthwatering Greek food including gyros, loukoumades, baklava, pastes, ergolavos, tzatziki sauce & everything delicious from the Mediterranean blue-hued country.

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What is better than trick or treating during the Halloween season? A FREE candy buffet. An arcade bar in Jacksonville, Keg and Coin, is transforming into a Willy Wonka Wonderland next week and guests will have a chance to get the golden ticket.

Chocolate, candies, and pinballs will make you feel like you are in Willy Wonka's factory itself. The night will include a debut of Aardwolf Gobstopper Sour and Violet Beauregarde Blueberry IPA as well as giveaways from Jersey Jack Pinball.

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If you're wondering what new things are coming to Jacksonville, soon north Floridians won't have to venture far to get some of the best pan-Asian noods. The popular ramen noodle shop In Orlando, Soupa Saiyan will open their new location soon — serving up their delicious soups and nerdy vibes.

If you've never been to Soupa Saiyan before, it's definitely a must go. Their bowls of ramen are HUGE, with tons of options for you to customize it your way. Whether you prefer a classic ramen noodle or the thick chewy bite of udon, they've got you covered. We suggest adding in the fried garlic for good measure.

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Sometimes one beer is not enough to refresh on a balmy summer day. Instead of figuring out which brewery or bar to go, follow a beer venture in one of Florida’s biggest beer destinations. Jacksonville has an Ale Trail where you can try more than 14 craft breweries.

The Jax Ale Trail Passport is a self-guided tour where visitors can embark on a beer expedition at local breweries like Intuition Ale Works, Engine 15, Aardwolf, Veterans United and Bold City Brewing.

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Spend your weekend in the best way possible, sip your way through a shrimp festival with great beer; this weekend you can get unlimited beer samples at the Shrimp and Suds Craft Beer Festival in Jacksonville.

The festival will take place on Saturday, Aug. 3 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and it will include sampling from over 50 breweries. There will be Shrimp and Pulled Pork Nachos available for purchase as seen on the Travel Channel's Food Paradise.

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