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You can scream for ice cream this summer in Florida, and this colorful truck could come cruising down your street. The Hyppo & Mayday Ice Cream truck is now taking requests for where it should visit next, stretching across North and Central Florida. You'll be the neighborhood hero once these tasty frozen treats arrive. 

The truck is currently visiting St. Johns, Duval, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk, and Alachua counties. You can track where they are now or check The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops and Mayday Ice Cream Instagram pages weekly for the official schedules. 

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The days of sitting around the fire to enjoy a meal with our fellow cavemen and women have come and gone; however, there's still a sense of community around having hearty bites together. We can take a little step back in time at a new pizza place in Jacksonville. And the craziest part? You'll feel like you're eating in a cave.

Located near Cummer Museum (which is free to visit on Fridays if you need and excuse to go) in Jacksonville's 5 Points, you'll find Pizza Cave — a new addition to Sun-Ray Cinema that offers a little slice of the past with a modern-day twist.

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Whoever invented brunch has a special place reserved in heaven (and our hearts). Can there be a better idea than a second breakfast that includes endless cocktails? Hardly. If you're one of those people who would turn any weekday into Sunday brunch, we have two bits of great news. One: A free festival is coming to Jacksonville this spring, and two: it's dedicated to everything bloody mary and brunch.

Jacksonville's Brunch And Bloody Mary Festival will take place on March 22, and you can enjoy it at the Riverside Arts Market under the Fuller Warner Bridge near the Cummer Museum and Gardens.

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There's something about a classic anime or cartoon we grew up on that fills our soul with joy; while we'll never understand why nostalgia's power level is over 9000, we're thankful it brings us awesome restaurants like Soupa Saiyan in Jacksonville.

This Dragonball Z themed noodle spot got its start in Orlando in 2016, but when we found out it was opening a new location in Jacksonville, we lost it.

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After solidifying their place in Orlando, Dragon Ball Z themed noodle shop Soupa Saiyan FINALLY opened up a new location in Jacksonville — and we were so pumped. Fans of the original location were a little disappointed, however, after finding out that the build your own bowl option did not come with it.

Fans of this nerdy little noodle bar have been commenting since they opened on their Insta and Facebook posts wondering when they could expect to see the popular customizable bowls make a comeback; with no dropped date, it seemed it may never happen.

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