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Midtown Creamery In Miami Is Selling Buckets Of Ice Cream This Summer

Summers in South Florida can be brutal. Thankfully, Midtown Creamery in Miami sells a sugary creation in a way that would make your sweet tooth giggle. Forget the cone; this hidden gem sells the cool treat by the buckets, literally. 

Midtown Creamery's Oreo Nutella ice cream is a bucket-full of everything that's right in the world. Just looking at this huge sweet concoction will probably give you an instant brain freeze. This out-of-the-norm treat is just begging you to sink your spoon into and indulge pure happiness.

It's a combination of the best of three worlds: ice cream, Oreos, and Nutella. How can you resist? The one thing you'll instantly notice is that the bowl is, indeed, a Nutella quart bucket. It a mesmerizing process just to get the hazelnut cocoa spread out of the bucket and into the mixer.

After that, a tub of cookies is crumbled into the mixture with a drizzle of fudge before it's poured into the bucket. This gigantic tub of sweetness will take you at least two days to finish on your own.

That is if you go with the regular spoon, which will undoubtedly be too-small to tackle this behemoth. The creamery provides a giant spoon for those daring to order this treat.

You would think that a tub of ice cream that packs this much sugary punch would require you to have three jobs to pay for it. But no, this Black-owned creamery only charges $15, which could easily feed three people.

This concoction isn't Midtown Creamery's only claim to fame. There are all sorts of wacky and creative items on the menu, including their cotton candy, crunch cereal bowl that is topped with two scoops of Lucky Bunny ice cream.

This massive treat will surely get you through the dog days of summer.

Midtown Creamery 

Price: $15 

Address: 2690 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

Why You Should Go: The Oreo Nutella Ice Cream Bucket is a surreal concoction that you absolutely have to try.


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