Jagmeet Singh Got His Stolen Bike Back & Was So Hyped Up About It (VIDEO)

"This is Mission: Pick Up The Bike,'" Singh said.

Jagmeet Singh Got His Stolen Bike Back & Was So Hyped Up About It (VIDEO)
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There's a happy ending! Months after Jagmeet Singh's bike was stolen, he's finally got it back, and the videos of his journey to pick it up are so wholesome.

He posted on his Instagram story on June 15 that his bike had been found, but it was so badly damaged that he sent it to get repaired at a local Ottawa bike shop.

"We got it recovered, but it got damaged really badly so it's being repaired. So this is Mission: Pick Up The Bike," he said.

While walking to the shop, he wondered if the bike would be fixed and if he would be able to ride it again. "This mission will be successful if it ends in a cycle life," Singh said.

When he got to Retro-Rides in Ottawa, his bike was being wheeled out, which led to a priceless hyped reaction. "In case there was ever a doubt, cycle life is still a movement," he said while riding the bike away from the shop.

Early in 2021, Narcity learned that Singh's bike was stolen in January from a private parking garage in Ottawa. At the time, he said he hoped whoever took it treated it with respect and enjoyed the ride.

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