Jagmeet Singh's Bike Was Stolen & He Hopes The New Owner Enjoys The Ride

Bye, bike.
Jagmeet Singh's Bike Got Stolen & He's So Chill About It
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Unfortunately, Jagmeet Singh's bike was stolen, but he's so chill about it and hopes the new owner enjoys the ride.

Narcity spoke with the NDP leader's team and we now know that his favourite bicycle was taken in Ottawa back in January.

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The black bike with panniers (bags that can store items) at the back was locked in a private parking garage when it was stolen.

Singh's team said he misses it but hopes that whoever has it now treats it with respect, enjoys the smooth ride and creates their own memories with it.

He would use it to get to work on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and to Queen's Park in Toronto back when he was an MPP.

Singh's team said the best part of riding for the NDP leader was all the people he'd meet along the way, who would wave at him or start conversations.

If you follow Singh on social media, you've probably seen him riding around on his bike and showing how much he loves the "cycle life."

He even shared a photo a few years back of him riding a tricycle as a kid to prove it.

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