Jagmeet Singh Opened Up About How He Was Bullied As A Kid

He remembers going through it.
Jagmeet Singh Was Bullied As A Kid & He Remembers What It Was Like
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As a kid, Jagmeet Singh was bullied and he opened up about what that was like.

He tweeted for Pink Shirt Day on February 24, a day to stand up against bullying, and shared how he remembers being affected at a young age.

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Singh noted that so many kids grow up and get bullied for the way they look or for who they are.

"I remember what that's like," he said.

He also mentioned that just knowing someone cares can mean so much to someone who is being bullied.

So, it's good "to check-in and uplift one another."

Singh has gotten personal before and shared about his struggles and how he's "experienced the violence of hate" throughout his life.

He's also spoken about how he responds to hate with love instead of anger.

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