A US Doctor Just Called BC The 'Florida Of Canada' Because Of Their COVID-19 Rules

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'Florida of Canada' Is Going Viral After A US Doctor Criticized BC's COVID-19 Rules

An American epidemiologist and health economist has made waves on the internet after describing British Columbia as the “Florida of Canada.”

In a tweet on Wednesday evening, Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding took aim at B.C.’s COVID-19 policies, saying he was “watching the Florida of Canada.... errrr British Columbia.”

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The doctor was criticizing the province for not being “serious” enough when it comes to mask-wearing in schools.

While masks are mandatory for students in B.C. middle schools and secondary schools, he’s calling for them to be required for younger kids, too.

In another tweet, he explained, “7 different school outbreaks in one small area seems like a lot…”

“And yes, British Columbia’s transmission is currently the highest in Canada,” Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding added.

While B.C.'s transmission rate is currently equal to Nunavut's and below Manitoba's, not the highest, it's still worrying.

However, not everybody agreed with his assessment of the province.

One person responded to say, “You’re incorrect on BC, Eric,” while another added, “Seriously, don't ever compare any province in my country to Florida. It's insulting.”

A third asked, “Who TF is this guy?”

A day earlier, the doctor took on Quebec and similarly criticized the province’s mask-wearing rules in elementary schools.

Shortly after, the region announced that all primary students would be required to wear face coverings in school after March break.

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