Jagmeet Singh Did Another Version Of The "Dreams" TikTok But He's On A Bike Now

This is the third time he's done it!
Jagmeet Singh's TikTok Has Another Version Of The "Dreams" With Him On A Bike This Time
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If you regularly look at Jagmeet Singh's TikTok, you might've noticed he's done the "Dreams" trend before and now he's posted another version.

With his new take on the viral video, the politician is riding around a neighbourhood on a bike instead of a skateboard while singing along to the Fleetwood Mac song.

He's not drinking anything though because he needed one hand to steer the bike and one hand to film but it's still amazing.

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Just like in Singh's other videos of the trend, he looks completely overjoyed to be doing it.

"Ok just one more #cyclelife edition," he captioned this one.

This the third time the NDP leader has posted a video of him riding around while singing along to "Dreams."

For his first version, he kept it pretty close to the original TikTok that went viral and set off this trend but traded in Ocean Spray for a zero-calorie soft drink.

Then he did another video with an NDP candidate in the B.C. election where they were both on skateboards and drinking "cups of cha."

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