Here's something that will bring a smile to your face! Jagmeet Singh's Instagram behind the scenes blooper reel is so hilarious and there's lots of dancing.

To mark three years as leader of the NDP, his team put together a montage of behind the scenes clips that he thinks should've stayed behind the scenes.

However, he still got a laugh out of it.

"You never know if the cameras are still running," Singh said in the caption of his post.

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This blooper reel starts off really posied with Singh giving a message about finding joy in all aspects of life.

Then it starts to get really hilarious.

There are clips of him dancing while the camera is still rolling and needing to have another try at saying his lines.

At one point Singh has a water jug in each hand and waves them around in the air.

He ended off his caption by expressing gratitude.

"Thank you for 3 years of this beautiful, joyful struggle, fighting for people as leader of the New Democratic Party," Singh said.

The NDP Leader's Instagram is full of gems whether they be turban technical difficulties during a live, heartwarming posts about his family or complaining about snow in March.