#JasonKenneyTaughtMe Is Trending Right Now & It's Basically A Roast

These tweets are ruthless.
#JasonKenneyTaughtMe Is Trending Right Now & It's Basically A Roast

On Monday, December 28, the people of Twitter have taken to their keyboards for an unofficial roast of Jason Kenney. The hashtag #JasonKenneyTaughtMe is trending in Alberta and people are not holding back. 

From criticizing the Albertan Government’s COVID-19 response to reflections about the way Albertan vote, things are getting pretty serious under the hashtag.

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The tweets do everything from accusing Jason Kenney of election fraud to saying that he hasn’t upheld his campaign promises.

Several of the tweets even compare Kenney to Donald Trump.

Of course, NDP leader, Rachel Notley also comes up a great deal. 

While some people took the opportunity to critique the premier's leadership, some attacked him as a person. 

In addition, conservative leadership, in general, was called into question in the thread. 

Alberta's Minister of Health, Tyler Shandro, also comes up a lot under the trending hashtag.