Trudeau Went Silent For 21 Whole Seconds After A Question About Trump's Bible Photo-Op

Such a long pause.
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Trudeau Went Silent For 21 Whole Seconds After A Question About Trump's Bible Photo-Op

Well, this is awkward. Justin Trudeau's Donald Trump comment or lack thereof came after 21 seconds of complete silence as he tried to figure out what to say. Though, he didn't really end up answering the question.

During his daily press conference on June 2, the prime minister was asked a question that made him pause.

A reporter asked Trudeau what he thought about the U.S. President calling for military action against protesters, and having protesters tear-gassed so they could make way for him to have a photo-op.

After the question, there was silence.

A full 21 seconds of it to be exact.

It took Trudeau that long to formulate a response to the reporter's question and even then, he didn't really address what Trump did.

"We all watch in horror and consternation what's going on in the United States," Trudeau said. "It is a time to pull people together but it is a time to listen, it is a time to learn what injustices continue despite progress over years and decades."

He then noted that Canadians need to realize that there are challenges in this country as well.

"There is systemic discrimination in Canada," he said.

Trudeau called that a lived reality for racialized Canadians.

He also said that now is the time to be allies, to listen, to learn and to figure out how to be part of the solution.

Trudeau was pressed about the issue again and asked why he wouldn't directly comment on the U.S. President's words and actions.

"My job as a Canadian prime minister is to stand up for Canadians, to stand up for our interests, to stand up for our values," he said.

This was all in reference to what happened in Washington a day earlier when protesters were moved from an area outside of the White House with tear gas so that the president could get through.

Trump walked from the White House to a church after those protesters had been cleared out.

While standing outside, he held up a bible.

On Twitter, the White House even posted a video of the walk and the photo-op outside of the church with dramatic, triumphant music as the soundtrack.

During a speech outside of the president's official residence, Trump called himself an ally of peaceful protesters.

But then he said that if U.S. governors don't deploy the National Guard to "dominate the streets," then the military would be sent in.

Last week, Trudeau addressed the protests in the U.S. as a result of George Floyd's death and anti-black racism. "It's in the United States but it's also in Canada," he said.

He also acknowledged that people are facing unconscious bias, systemic discrimination and anti-black racism every single day. The PM also said that society needs to stand together and be there for each other.

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