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Kathy Hilton Mistook Lizzo For 'Precious' On TV & Critics Aren't Buying Her Explanation

Time to get those eyes checked 👀 👓

Global Staff Writer
Kathy Hilton. Right: Lizzo.

Kathy Hilton. Right: Lizzo.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kathy Hilton is taking a ton of online heat after confusing musician Lizzo with the movie Precious character of the same name, played by actor Gabourey Sidibe, during a recent talk-show quiz.

Hilton made the embarrassing blunder during a game on the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen show, sparking some furious backlash online.

She has since blamed it on bad eyesight, although her critics aren't buying that.

Kathy, who is Paris Hilton's mom, was playing a game in which the hosts show her celebrity faces and she has to guess who they are.

She got several of them wrong, and at one point, Lizzo's picture came up on the screen and instead of recognizing her, Hilton guessed "Precious?"

That would be a reference to Sidibe, who starred as the character in the 2009 film.

The internet quickly attacked Hilton for her mistake, calling the moment "racist" and "fatphobic."

Not a good look.

She eventually tried to explain herself in the comments on the @queensofbravo Instagram account.

"The screen was so far away and my vision is terrible," she wrote. She also pointed out that she "couldn't even make out who Justin Timberlake or Melissa Etheridge [were]."

The responses to her were not kind.

"I have no words. I was 💀" wrote one person.

"This took me out. I'm so sorry," added another.

The same Instagram account later posted a screenshot of her comment in a separate post, and some people did come to her defence.

"Y'all leave my girl alone! Lol, she gets a pass… she thought Garcelle was Kyle," read one of the comments under the post.

However, others were not having it.

"Glasses and laser eye surgery are well within your budget Kathy," wrote one user.

A source told E! News that the reality show star "feels terrible" about the mistake and that "she gets a little nervous when she is on live TV."

"Kathy is a very sensitive person and would never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings," added the source.

It seems as though Lizzo could care less about the whole ordeal, as the singer is too busy posting gorgeous sultry pictures from her beach vacation on her Instagram while all the drama unfolds.

    Sameen Chaudhry
    Global Staff Writer
    Sameen Chaudhry is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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