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Kelowna Bar Fires Back At Customers Who 'Take Out COVID Frustrations On Staff’

Restaurant-goers are testing their limits with servers in B.C., and one owner has had enough. A West Kelowna bar's Facebook post claims that customers are frustrated by new COVID-19 related rules. Apparently, they're taking out these frustrations on staff. 

“To our valued customers....we love you all. Lately, however, there are some who think it's OK to take out your Covid frustrations on the staff,” wrote Brad Shave, owner of Kelowna's Kelly O'Bryan's pub, on Facebook.

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Shave notes that servers are equally as stressed as customers. They don't make the rules and should not be accused of being "unreasonable" for doing their jobs.

Shave highlights one rule in particular that customers frequently get upset about, which is a limit of six people per table.

This rule means that if you see a friend at the bar and they already have six people at their table, you cannot go over and join them. 

“If you have 6 ppl plus a baby, guess what...that's 7......we don't make the rules.....don't take it out on the staff!!! We are doing all we can to stay open, at limited capacity."

While Shave knows these rules may come as an inconvenience, they must be taken seriously in order for the bar to stay open.

However, Shave clarified to Narcity that while he has heard complaints from staff, 99% of customers have been great and cooperative. 

"I think once restrictions lifted a bit, some just think there are no more rules and we can go back to normal, and the stress of everything has made some tempers short," explained Shave. 

Shave says that staff have done their best to be polite and accommodating when complaints like these arise. 

He encourages customers to email him directly with concerns instead of taking them out on staff who are working within their restrictions. 

A COVID-19 outbreak hit Kelowna over the Canada Day long weekend.

The city was warned about widespread exposure risks in various busy areas, including the waterfront and downtown.

Dozens of cases were also linked to parties and bar crowds, including possible exposure at a popular strip club

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