If you think you've seen it all in 2020, you haven't, actually, because now KFC and Lifetime have teamed up to make a movie starring Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders, and the internet collectively freaked out this morning. 

This morning, Lifetime announced the "mini-movie" entitled "Recipe For Seduction" in a tweet, sharing a movie poster that featured Lopez as a "sexy" (?) Colonel Sanders.

The movie is billed as bring "presented by Kentucky Fried Chicken."

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The "mini-movie" premieres Sunday, December 13, on Lifetime in the middle of the day.

The trailer is...certainly a trailer, for this movie!

Truly, we are done — 2020, you may exit the building, at this time.

A lot of people are simply shaking their heads specifically at Mario Lopez, rather than the actual movie.

This is unprecedented.

No one could've predicted this.

...Even though this isn't the first time KFC has dipped its toes into romance.