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KFC's Dropped Their New Holiday Menu & It's A Good Time To Be A Gravy Lover In Canada

Let the good times flow.

Contributing Staff Writer
KFC's Dropped Their New Holiday Menu & It's A Good Time To Be A Gravy Lover In Canada

Gravy lovers have known for years that a meal without gravy is barely a meal at all — especially when it's one as important as your annual holiday feast.

This year, KFC is letting the good times flow with their newly launched 2022 holiday menu that’s all about — you guessed it — smooth, delicious gravy.

The Gravy Lovers menu features new and returning limited-time items that celebrate KFC’s iconic sauce to help you satisfy your "gravings" this festive season.

In fact, KFC is so all-in on gravy, they mashed with hip-hop star Yung Gravy, whose song Betty will have you singing "damn, gravy you so vicious, you so clean, you so delicious" all season long.

First up: the Gravy Lovers Sandwich. Worthy of its name, this saucy sando features KFC’s hand-breaded chicken fillet topped with buttery Monterey Jack cheese, creamy mayo and — get ready — a hash-brown gravy boat.

Exclusively available in Canada, this mouthwatering sandwich comes with gravy served on the side, so you can pour as much as your gravy-loving heart desires into the bowl-shaped hash brown before you add the top bun.

It’s a totally custom gravy experience. Let it flow over the sides of the sandwich, or keep a little to drizzle over your fries and popcorn chicken.

As you trade in sweet for savoury this festive season with (gravy) boatloads of KFC's signature sauce, don't forget to pick up a Double Bucket Feast to share with your loved ones too.

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This family-sized meal has eight pieces of mouthwatering Original Recipe chicken, four pieces of Original Recipe tenders, popcorn chicken and enough sides, dips and individual gravies for everyone at the dinner table.

And if you need more gravy (who doesn’t?), KFC's got you covered with individual-sized servings for $1 a pop, but — like the Gravy Lovers Sandwich and the Double Bucket Feast — this festive offer is only available for a limited time.

So go on, order your favourite Gravy Lovers menu items (don't forget the extra gravy!) and let the good times flow this holiday season by ordering at your local KFC restaurant, through the KFC App or on KFC.ca.

KFC holiday specials are available to order at participating restaurants across Canada or online on KFC’s website. For more festive treats from KFC, follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Jennifer Browne
Contributing Staff Writer
Jennifer Browne is a Contributing Staff Writer for the Studio department focused on sponsored content and is based in Toronto, Canada.