Stinging Fork Falls Waterfall Hike In Tennessee Has A Crystal Blue Swimming Hole

The Volunteer State has so many state parks, there's bound to be a trail in there somewhere that tickles your fancy. Whether it's a strenuous hike that leads to incredible views, or short hikes that take you to some type of water feature, gorgeous natural worlds are waiting for you to explore them. The Stinging Fork Falls waterfall hike in Tennessee might just make you feel like you've stepped into a tropical oasis.

You'll find the Stinging Fork Falls Natural Area just northwest of Spring City, Tennessee about an hour and a half out of Knoxville. This 783-acre space is surrounded by natural rock cliffs and an oak-pine forest that makes for a scenic adventure.

You'll be able to get a double-feature when you choose this trail. Not only is it full of lush views for the books, but the waterfall and pool will cool you down on a hot day.

The trailhead is marked by a huge brown sign that says, "Stinging Fork Natural Area," so it's easy to find. Follow this trail until you come to a fork in the path.

Take the right one to finish your trek to the falls, or veer off to the left to check out the gorge. The right trail will take you straight down to the bottom of Stinging Fork Falls.

The falls are 30-feet tall and free falling, cascading down into a riveting rocky turquoise pool. The swimming hole below is as clear and blue as the Caribbean beaches, begging you to jump right in.

There are various boulders along the shore that you can layout on too; hang a hammock and a good book to really get some relaxation time in.

Not only does this area lead to a waterfall and pool, but if you veer off on the left trail onto Indian Head Point, you can admire babbling creeks and rock formations below you in a 160-feet deep gorge.

If you can't convince your bestie who hates hikes to join you, this trail is dog-friendly, so your furry companion can follow along on your outdoor adventure.

Stinging Fork Falls 

Price: Free

Address: Stinging Fork Falls Natural Area, Spring City, TN

Why You Need To Go: This easy hike will take you to a 30-foot waterfall and gorgeous swimming hole that will give you tropical vibes. 

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