If you think you've seen all the sparkling turquoise lakes in the Rockies, think again. Lake Oesa BC is sitting atop the mountains in Yoho National Park and it's begging to be discovered. Through a long but picturesque hike, you'll be able to mark yet another stunning nature spot off your list. 

Though the lake is technically located in British Columbia, it's less than an hour away from Lake Louise, Alberta.

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The closest town in B.C. would be Field. 

Lindsay McPherson, a spokesperson from Banff, Yoho and Kootenay National Park, told Narcity that you have to go past Lake O'Hara to reach Lake Oesa.

There are a couple of ways to get to O'Hara but note that both the options are difficult for different reasons. 

According to McPherson, there is an 11-kilometre access road that will take you to Lake O'Hara.

Factor in the distance from O'Hara to Oesa and this becomes an incredibly long hike, so don't venture into it if you're a beginner just wanting to catch some easy views. 

McPherson told us that there is another way to get to O'Hara: a shuttle bus that takes off from the Trans Canada highway. This is the preferred choice for most people. 

But getting seats on the bus is the tricky part as the seats are chosen via a random draw that takes place right before the spring. 

McPherson said that the shuttle bus will not be running in 2020 due to COVID-19 so you're advised to check back on the Parks Canada website around January-February to gear up for the 2021 trip. 

The draw may seem a little intimidating but if you've secured yourself some seats, there's very little stopping you from embarking on this adventure.  

The bus gets off at the Lake O'Hara parking lot, where you'll see clear signs pointing you to the trail. 

About 0.8 kilometres into the trek, you'll find the trailhead for Lake Oesa itself.

The initial part of the trail goes by the Lake O'Hara shoreline, so you'll be feasting your eyes on a surreal turquoise lake on your way to yet another surreal turquoise lake. 

It's an 11-kilometre loop trail, which goes through boulder fields, enchanting forests, occasional fields of wildflowers

It's quite a long hike in and of itself, so pack your hiking supplies accordingly. 

There are tons of short hikes in B.C. that will treat you to amazing views if you're not quite ready to spend hours on the trail. 

The hike is rated as moderate and the elevation is about 240 meters, according to Parks Canada

With boulder and mountain peaks set all around the lake, you'll feel like you've hiked up Mount Everest. The spectacular colours of the water aren't too shabby either. 

The return journey will pass a glorious waterfall that pours down from Lake Oesa into Lake O'Hara. 

At the end of the loop, you'll be able to tell yourself proudly that you've completed one of the most scenery-packed hikes in B.C. It may have been long but it was for sure rewarding. 

Lake Oesa

Address: Lake O'Hara Parking Lot, Yoho National Park, BC

Why You Need To Go: To undertake one of the most unbelievable alpine trails in B.C. that will bring you up close to yet another beautiful turquoise lake.