In case you haven't already, now is the time to bust out the sunblock because it's about to get hot. Las Vegas weather is headed into the triple digits, and it's giving Cairo a run for its money heat-wise. It looks like summer is officially here!

According to The Weather Channel, the high in Las Vegas today will reach 104 F with mostly sunny skies throughout the day.

Cairo, on the other hand, will only see a high of 100 F, with "caution advised if outside for extended periods of time," on the AccuWeather website.

Vegas will see triple-digit heat for the week of July 6, 2020, with Sunday and Monday predicted to reach 109 degrees. Whoa, that's hot.

Throughout June, the city saw mild weather, with drops to the high 80s appearing at the beginning of the month and 90s temps bringing a little relief towards the end.

The National Weather Service averaged the entire month at 86 degrees F; however, the same time last year, the city was already in the triple digits for most of the week.

Time And Date put July as the city's hottest month, and with weather that warm for the foreseeable future, it's no surprise why.

If you plan to be outdoors, try to plan hiking and other strenuous activities early in the morning.

It's essential to drink a lot of water and keep sunscreen on hand for extended exposure to the sun.

If you have pets, always test the sidewalk first before letting them walk on it to avoid burning their paws. 

While heat comes hand in hand with the reputation of Sin City, the overwhelming rise in temperature after a reasonably mild June might catch some people off guard.

If you decide to venture out for some fun in the sun, you might want to take some precautions.

Just last week, it was so hot in Grand Canyon that shoes started to fall apart. The national park advises that you can wet your clothes and skin to avoid overheating. 

With extreme weather in both states, it's worth a try.