You might want to cancel your summer hiking plans. Some people in Grand Canyon are experiencing an unexpected phenomenon — their shoes are falling apart. And it's all thanks to the scorching desert heat. 

In a Twitter post, Grand Canyon NPS shared a surprising photo to its feed writing, "Grand Canyon is an unforgiving environment."

The post continued to say that high temperatures in the canyon can cause shoes to fall apart and that hiking boots "can trap sweat and lead to painful blisters."

The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning in the canyon through Wednesday, June 24, at elevations below 4,000 feet. 

Temps in the gorge will soar up to 112 F this week. 

For instance, the North Kaibab Trailhead, which is at an elevation of 8,241 feet, has a high of 89; however, Phantom Ranch has a top of 112 F. 

What's the difference? The 2,546-foot elevation of the ranch.

If you happen to be planning a trip to the canyon, there's a page dedicated to summer hiking

June, July, and August are some of the hottest times of the year, so it's recommended that you hike smart if making a trip there. 

If you're heading out to Grand Canyon, there are ten essentials that you should bring with you, namely water, food, a first aid kit, a map, a travel bag, a flashlight, a spray bottle, a whistle, some sunscreen, and waterproof clothes. 

It might seem uncomfortable at first; however, a key to summertime hiking is to stay wet. That's right.

To hike smart, it's recommended that you soak yourself in water when you come across some. It will help you stay cool when facing extreme weather in the canyon. 

On top of excessive heat, summer weather in the canyon includes thunderstorms and lightning. Arizona's monsoon season is from July to September, which means you should take extra steps when you visit. 

Stay safe out there and try to "wear well-fitting and broken-in hiking boots." You don't want your shoe to fall apart mid-hike.