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This Arizona Airport Has Toe-Tap Elevator Buttons So You'll Never Have To Use Your Hands

It's entirely hands-free.

The Tuscon Airport is setting a new standard with its latest upgrade. 

In a Twitter post, the international hub's recent installment will "limit touchpoints" by establishing toe-tap buttons around terminals. 

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An Arizona Woman Says A Man Filmed Her Inside A Nordstrom Rack Dressing Room

"Please be extra aware of your surrounding."

A quick trip to the store made a turn for the worst after one woman says a peeping tom literally caught her with her pants down.

An Arizona woman claims she was filmed at the Nordstrom Rack in Gilbert located at the San Tan Mall on Sunday, September 20, according to a Facebook post

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See Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole In Sedona From An Entirely New Angle

It's so stunning from above!

Sometimes a fresh perspective can make all the difference, and it's especially true for this image of Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole in Sedona.

Anthony Giammarino is an Arizona-based photographer who often uses his drone to take never-before-seen pictures of places.

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Phoenix Zoo's Cute Sloth Fell Asleep Eating & It's The Best Problem To Have (PHOTO)

99 problems & falling asleep eating isn't one.

There's a first for everything, and in this case, it's a good thing.

The Pheonix Zoo's sloth, Fernando, was in the middle of mealtime when he fell asleep eating a piece of eggplant.

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David Blaine Just Recreated The Balloon Scene From 'Up' In Arizona & It Was Wild (VIDEO)

It's just like the balloon scene from the movie Up! 😱

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to be carried away by balloons just like that scene from the movie Up?

Well, David Blaine's balloon ascension in Arizona proves it's not impossible and the video is pretty amazing

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An Old Phoenix Building Was Surprisingly Featured In 'The Umbrella Academy'

Phoenix made a cameo appearance!😯

In a shocking cameo, the Phoenix Old City Hall featured in the popular Netflix series The Umbrella Academy.

If you're a fan of the show, you might have missed its appearance!

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