You Can Get Psychedelic Lattes At This Las Vegas Coffee Shop & It's Groovy AF

Technicolor caffeine is the new trend.
Sambalatte In Las Vegas Serves Up Rainbow Lattes That Look As Good As They Taste

Retro vibes are making a big comeback, and this adorable cafe has the perfect thing if you're craving a technicolor treat. Sambalatte in Las Vegas serves up rainbow lattes that look as good as they taste. If you always wished your caffeine fix looked as desirable as a bag of Skittles, this place has you covered.

Sambalatte has multiple locations in Las Vegas, and they are known for its colorful coffees.

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If you love your sips to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, you will want to swing by for this tasty treat.

Narcity has confirmed that the lattes taste amazing, and the cost starts at $5.75 for a 12oz drink.

You can treat yourself to a delicious muffin while you sit back and enjoy your groovy caffeine fix, or try any of their other delicious menu items.

If you plan to be a regular visitor, the Nutella cappuccino will leave you speechless thanks to its mouthwatering flavor.

Who knew coffee could get better?

They also offer a wide selection of teas, perfect for relaxing evening refreshments. Why not give the ginger peach black tea a try to expand your palette and ease any stress?

The lattes and other foam-filled drinks come topped off with dreamy artwork that makes you wonder what other incredible skills the baristas have.

Anyone who can make masterpieces out of heated milk and coffee is impressive AF.

There are four locations in the city to choose from, so you can treat yourself to a different creation at each one.

No matter where you are, there is always time to stop off for a rainbow-filled delight in a peaceful setting.

Bring along a book or your favorite foodie and let yourself experience a cup of joe in the form of art. 

Not all coffee is created equally — some lattes are a whole new vibe.

Get ready to channel that inner unicorn because this spot is your new go-to.


Price: 💸

Cuisine: Coffee

Address: Multiple Locations

Why You Need To Go: This dreamy coffee shop serves up technicolor creations for a truly retro vibe.


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