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A Las Vegas woman is getting praised on TikTok for recounting a time when she didn't give up an airplane seat for a baby because she wasn't able to... and the family wasn't happy.

She goes by Michelle and she published the video to her account, @michelleaf12, back in September. The post received over 15.5 million views.

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There's a modern-day brothel just outside of Las Vegas, called Sheri's Ranch. Recently, the staff started a viral TikTok account to give inside tours of the sex rooms, and viewers couldn't help but comment on the decor.

The company, based in Parhump, NV, posted its first video on September 10 and the account has already received upwards of 4 million views. Clips show the exclusive building, Sheri's Playland which is filled with themed rooms like classrooms, offices, and spas.

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If lying on a beach sounds pretty darn good right now, you might want to add this destination to your bucket list. Secret Cove on Lake Tahoe, Nevada, looks like a hidden beachside paradise complete with sparkling sand and turquoise waters.

Secret Cove lives up to its name — this tiny stretch of beach is 300 yards of dreamy oceanfront property where you can spend the day sunbathing or playing in the water.

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Despite the global pandemic, resorts and casinos in Las Vegas are still going all out with their holiday decor this year in the most dramatic of ways, which is fitting because, well, it's Vegas, baby.

It's flashy, it's bright, it's Christmas, Vegas-style, everywhere, just fantastically splattered all over these casino grounds.

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If you wear pink every day and not just on Wednesdays, you'll love this spot. The Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas is a pink dream right now, and you can rent it out with your besties. It's literally fantastic. 

Are you ready to channel your inner baddie Barbie?

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