An Airline Passenger Refused To Switch Seats For A Family & He's Getting So Much Praise

"Your travel issues are not my problem."

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Passengers on a plane.

Passengers on a plane.

Airlines charge you extra to pick your seat, but what would you do if a family gave you the puppy eyes and asked you to move so they could sit together?

Many people would give in to such a request, but one passenger is winning plenty of praise on Reddit for actually turning a family away and telling them "Your travel issues are not my problem."

Reddit user Unlikely-Strategy596 shared their story of rejecting a family's request on Reddit, where they turned to the popular subreddit titled Am I The Asshole (AITA) to find out if they did the right thing. And while there were a few outliers, many people said it was totally fair for them to stay put.

According to the user, they were on a 10-hour flight from Greece when a family of four asked if they could switch spots with them so the group could sit together. Unlikely-Strategy596 explained that while this would generally be okay, they paid extra for a comfier seat and didn't want to lose it.

"I booked my ticket specifically to be closer to the front of the plane so I can be closer to the gate when it's time to get out," the user shared. "I personally hate travelling, so I spent a bit more money to be closer."

They added that their offer would mean "moving back 20 rows down, which leaves me at an inconvenience, and I would not be getting my money's worth."

The husband and two children were already in the front row, but the Reddit user refused to move so the mother could join the rest of her family. She responded by calling him an "a**hole," they said.

"Maybe you should have booked ahead of time or spent more money on tickets so you all could sit together," responded the traveller. "This is not my issue. Grow up and get over it. I am not moving seats. End of story!"

They added that the husband ended up apologizing for the wife's behaviour.

A majority of Reddit users on the thread ruled that Unlikely-Strategy596 was not the a**hole in this situation.

"If it was really about sitting together, why didn't they ask the people 20 rows back if they'd like the better seats upfront? They'd still all be together," pointed out one commenter.

"This is the solution the entitled families never offer," wrote another user in response to that comment. Many people also jumped in to praise this plan.

Others defended the woman for asking, but not for her response afterward.

"It's easier for 1 person to move rather than 3," one user wrote. "Nothing wrong with asking, but they are definitely an a**hole for making a scene."

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