An Airline Passenger Draped Her Hair Over The Seat On A Flight & The Reactions Are Brutal

What would you do?

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The video showing a flight passenger with their hair over the seat.

The video showing a flight passenger with their hair over the seat.

There are plenty of unwritten flight etiquette rules about how to handle other passengers on a plane, but it's not often that you find yourself arguing with someone else over their hair.

A bizarre debate erupted on social media over the weekend after a video showed a woman draping her long hair over the back of her airline seat, in a move that clearly ruined the other person's view of their in-flight entertainment system.

The video, which was posted on Twitter by the account @humansnocontext, shows a blonde woman with her hair over the back of her seat while the person with the camera holds up a hand in disbelief.

In the video, the passenger tries to move the hair aside, but the passenger quickly readjusts her hair to cover the screen again.

The tweet accumulated more than 53 million views over the weekend while generating thousands of negative reactions to the passenger with the hair.

Many people in the comments recommended going as far as chopping off the woman's hair as an extreme solution to a truly unusual problem.

One person under the tweet wrote, “Naah, I will not tolerate,” followed by a GIF showing a girl with hair-cutting scissors.

Many people had some creative solutions for what to do in a situation like that, and they were definitely not being nice with their suggestions.

Another person wrote, "If only you were allowed to have scissors... fix that right up," which received over 1.2 million views. The commenter continued and wrote, "If I'm being honest, I'm just gonna say, 'Excuse me, your hair is hanging over my video screen…' Now, if she continues to be inconsiderate after that... then I might get creative."

Another person offered a more violent suggestion: "just pull it."

"If it were me, I’d put on some glue and stick it to the side of her chair," suggested another user.

"Would be better to politely ask for the woman to move her hair instead of moving it yourself," asked one user.

One person just posted a GIF of Edward Scissorhands.

While touching someone else's hair is obviously an extreme move, dropping your hair over someone else's in-flight screen still isn't very nice.

What would you do in this case?

Sameen Chaudhry
Global Staff Writer
Sameen Chaudhry is a Staff Writer for Narcity’s Global Desk focused on TikTok drama and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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