An Airline Passenger Says They Rushed To Get Off A Plane & Redditors Are Calling Them Out

"I don't think I did anything wrong."

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A woman sitting on a plane.

A woman sitting on a plane.

When your plane has landed at the airport, do you stay seated and wait your turn or do you immediately stand and try to get off the aircraft?

An airline passenger chose the second option on a flight and now they're being called out for their rude airline etiquette on Reddit.

The passenger shared their story on the popular Am I The A**hole forum in which they detailed what happened on a Southwest flight.

The person wrote they sat toward the very back of the plane and walked to the front of the plane once the flight landed at their destination.

"People at the front got up to get ready but no one in the middle section got up," the post reads.

"I was in the aisle seat and I only had a backpack, so I took the opportunity and walked to the front of the plane to lineup behind the people in the very front."

While the airline passenger was waiting to exit the plane, they describe other people questioning their behaviour.

"The person sitting in the seat next to where I was standing asked me 'have the rules changed' and I pretended not to hear him because I had headphones on and I didn’t say anything to him," they wrote.

"Then he got up and said, 'Why don’t you go back to the back and wait like everyone else.'"

Again, the Redditor says they chose not to respond, but this time a lady behind them said she needed to catch a connecting flight that was already boarding. That's when the man who had an issue with that excuse basically called them a "jerk."

"The lady who had the connecting flight definitely had a valid reason to 'cut' in line, but when was this ever a rule lol?" the Redditor asked.

"I don’t think I did anything wrong because everyone who I 'skipped' could have gotten up and waited in the aisle."

Although the Redditor tried to validate their actions, it looks like the majority of the people who commented thought the passenger could have waited their turn.

One person got very heated in their reply.

"Jesus Christ what is it with people who stand up the minute the plane comes to a stop. You're not going anywhere anyway," they wrote and their comment received over 16,000 upvotes. "So sit your f**kin' a** down and wait for the people who need to get off to do so."

"By manners it should be row by row, but if you sitting in the back rows you should expect to be off the plane last," another popular comment says.

"The issue is moving all the way to the front and cutting ahead. It's fine to stand in place (and stretch out a bit), but stay in place and [wait] your turn," another person chimed in.

While most of the reaction was pretty one-sided, there were a few commenters who had a different opinion on the matter.

"I have to disagree. I actually missed a connecting flight because of this BS where people are expected to sit in their seats until all rows ahead have disembarked," one person shared.

"OP [original poster] is in the right though, unloading front to back is literally slower than everyone just doing a free for all," another person replied.

Although it seems like a lot of people thought the Redditor was wrong for what they did, it still holds true that any flight-related etiquette story is bound to get heated one way or the other.

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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