An Airline Passenger Made A Child Cry By Refusing To Swap Seats & People Are Loving It

The kid took her seat!

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An airline passenger looking out the window during a flight.

An airline passenger looking out the window during a flight.

One of the perks of flying is that you get to choose your seat ahead of the flight, so it's understandable that some people would get annoyed to find someone sitting in the spot they paid for.

That's what happened to one airline passenger who detailed the experience on Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, and she's being applauded for standing her ground, even though her actions made a child cry.

The 22-year-old woman wrote she was travelling solo on an 8-9-hour international flight and said she was rather emotional that day.

"Leaving my family this time has been hard, and I’ve been crying on and off the entire day," she stated.

She said she had booked a window seat for the flight, and when she got there, a child was sitting in her seat, and the kid's dad was in the middle seat.

"I looked at the dad and pointed at the window seat saying that I think it’s my seat expecting him to move. He looked at me and said she’s a child and pointed at the aisle seat suggesting I take it," she wrote.

She says she went ahead and sat in the aisle seat and then told her family about what happened. That's when her dad told her to get her seat back as he had paid extra for her to sit there.

"I then told the girl's father this and he asked her to move," the Redditor wrote. "She started crying and I felt terrible but my dad told me to hold my ground."

The woman eventually got her window seat and sat in a way so the child could still see out the window. However, the kid's dad made sure the passenger knew he was unhappy with what had happened.

"Her dad has made one or two snide remarks about me wanting my seat," she wrote in her post before asking if she's an a**hole for doing what she did.

Based on the responses, many people reassured the young woman that she was not the a**hole in the situation and she did the right thing.

One Redditor stated the father should have gotten the kid a window seat if he wanted her to see out the window.

"People choose their seats of preference for all sorts of different reasons, and they shouldn’t have to deal with someone just assuming that they can sit there," one person wrote in a reply that got over 5,000 upvotes.

Another person suggested the child's father should have been "polite to up their chances."

"Many people would be willing to at least temporarily switch seats [so] the child can watch the takeoff and climb because many of us remember our first times flying and being amazed at the experience," they said, but still pointed out that the woman was not in the wrong.

"No, what is this epidemic of people assuming they can take another person's assigned seat? The seats can have different prices, and can be selected ahead of time," another Redditor expressed.

"The father can keep his snide remarks to himself."

Looking at the conversations commonly sparked by seat-swapping stories, it's clear that many people feel the same way: sit in the seat you were given or paid for.

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Associate Editor, Global
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