Two Flight Attendants 'Got In A Fight' Over A Seat Swap & Passengers Were Stuck Watching It

One flight attendant left in tears!

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A SkyWest plane.

A SkyWest plane.

Seat swaps have become super controversial and triggered plenty of fights among airline passengers, but it seems that this sort of thing can upset flight attendants, too.

Things took a strange turn on a recent SkyWest flight from L.A. to Houston when the plane was delayed for two hours on Saturday because a pair of flight attendants got into an argument over a seat swap.

On Wednesday, SkyWest said an internal investigation is underway over the situation that not only delayed the plane taking off, but left one flight attendant in tears.

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Ashley Brewer was on the flight and captured the incident on video, although she has since deleted it.

In the video Brewer posted on TikTok, a male and female flight attendant are seen arguing and refusing to work together.

According to the New York Post, it had to do with letting a passenger in first class switch seats with someone in coach.

Brewer told the outlet the male flight attendant approved the seat change, but his co-worker did not and told him it was against the airline's policy.

“They kept bickering and going back and forth in the middle of the aisle about the rules, and what was right and what was wrong,” Brewer told NYP.

NBC News reports that the female flight attendant ended up crying and Brewer went to go check on her. That's when the flight attendant allegedly told Brewer she refused to fly with her co-worker.

“They just had some beef or something, so they kept going back and forth and he started yelling at her. He was really, like, out of line. He should not have done that," she told NBC News.

In the video, Brewer is seen whipping out a bag of popcorn as the situation unfolds and a gate crew comes on board to try and mediate. Her caption declares that the two flight attendants "got in a fight."

In the end, both flight attendants involved in the argument leave the plane and a new crew comes onboard.

Brewer posted a follow-up TikTok after she was contacted by one of the replacement flight attendants who took over for the bickering pair.

"These girls came on, took over the plane and were so positive and happy. Just totally changed the whole vibe of the whole flight," Brewer said in her video.

"They obviously saved us from what was like a two-hour delay (...) thank you guys for all you do from the bottom of my heart. You saved my day and so many other people's and I'm so glad that there are people like you guys in the world," she continued.


Replying to @hr.taylorrr @christyamstutz @hr.taylorrr our angels 🫶🏻♥️♥️♥️

People in the comments asked the flight attendants tagged in the video for the "tea" on the situation.

Others who work with SkyWest also chimed in.

"You’re so sweet! Thank you so much for acknowledging us flight attendants 🥰 I work for skywest and I can say the situation is just SILLY!" one person wrote.

"I'm an fa with this company, and I promise you there's a lot more good ones than bad!! Everyone has their bad days too," another TikTok user shared.

In a statement issued to NBC News, SkyWest says it "regrets the delay this caused for our passengers and apologize for any inconvenience."

"We hold all our employees to the highest standards of professionalism and are conducting an internal investigation related to this flight."

It's unclear if the seat swap worked out.

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Associate Editor, Global
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