A Woman Got Called Out For 'Nepo Privilege' At Work & People Are Split Over Who Gets Promoted

"Don't play dumb. You def have nepo privilege."

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A woman receiving a promotion.

A woman receiving a promotion.

Celebrities aren't the only ones who can benefit from nepotism and one may argue that a romantic relationship can help a person score a promotion at work.

One Reddit user who says she is romantically involved with her boss's son went public to seek advice about her work situation and it's getting a lot of mixed reactions online.

The woman made a post on the Reddit forum Am I The A**hole asking if she was wrong for calling her step-cousin a "jealous b*tch" after her relative said the woman gets everything because of "nepo privilege.”

The Redditor explained she and her step-cousin Lia work at the same company, which also happens to be co-owned by her boyfriend's dad.

Both women were looking for new jobs and Lia was offered a position out of state. Meanwhile, the Reddit user received a promotion within the same company, along with another job option but decided to stick with the promotion instead.

“To put it simply, Lia's jealous,” reads the post.

“She thinks I don't deserve to be there and get everything handed to me. I'm a hard worker and got a promotion recently, which set her off even more.”

During a family gathering, the Reddit user received a lot of praise from loved ones over her new position.

“Lia was there and she seemed fine throughout the night, but at one point my aunt (her stepmom) said something about how proud everyone is of me for being so successful in a traditionally man's field,” continued the post.

The woman thanked her aunt and told her she was happy she had options.

“Lia overheard this and came at me saying, 'it's not about my options but my nepo privilege' and how 'she got a new job too but everyone's kissing up to my ass.'"

Things got heated between the two and the Reddit user eventually ended up calling Lia a “jealous b*tch,” and told her to “focus on herself instead of looking at what others have that she doesn’t."

The Redditor ended her post by saying Lia has been ignoring her since that awkward interaction at the family gathering took place.

People in the comment section of the post have been debating over the topic and many seem torn over whether the Reddit user truly deserved the promotion or if she got it because of her relationship.

One user noted that “everyone sucks here (ESH)” because although Lia might be jealous, the Reddit user shouldn’t forget that she definitely has a competitive advantage.

“She def is jealous, and you had every right to go off on her like that because of what/where she said sh*t, but don't play dumb,” continued the comment. “You def have nepo privilege."

Many people agreed with that comment, which received over 7,000 likes.

Another person responded by saying, "I got a promotion because I'm a super duper hard worker! ....who just happens to be sleeping with the boss' son.”

“The fact that, in her mind, working hard gets you a promotion on its own, as though a promotion was the necessary outcome of working hard, really elucidates how privileged she is,” commented another user.

However, the above comment was shot down by people who think differently and say hard work does pay off.

“See...this kind of thinking irks me. Because it downplays or casts doubt on those who DO get promoted through hard work,” said one commenter.

“Very few people get promoted on hard work alone. It’s not to say they didn’t work hard, but it’s disingenuous to suggest they didn’t also benefit from timing, luck, or even personal connections,” continued the comment.

Many people agreed that although the Reddit user probably worked hard, she shouldn’t dismiss the fact that she also benefited from her privilege.

One person wrote, “does op [original poster] have Nepo privilege? Probably. But to invalidate a person’s hard work is not okay."

It looks like many people are torn over the whole situation, and people keep pointing fingers at who’s wrong and who’s not.

Do you think the Reddit user is benefiting from nepotism?

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