A guy somehow pulled off filling up his gas tank while being pursued by Los Angeles police in a high-speed police chase late Tuesday afternoon.

This fuel-up came after he had stopped at a different gas station during the same police chase. 

During these stops, the police cars pursuing him were, somehow, nowhere to be found (though helicopter cameras caught it all on video).

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2 gas station stops during full-blown police chase

When he wasn't stopping for gas, he was erratically driving around the Los Angeles freeways and neighborhoods of the San Gabriel Valley for two full hours.

At times he also just calmly sat in traffic.

The police ended up losing him after he pulled into a retail center and this gas-station-loving man managed to escape.

The reason he was being chased in the first place was stealing from a Home Depot.

Retail stores be warned, this man is still at large and probably has a full tank of gas.