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So Many Sharks Are Hanging Out Off The CA Coast That Scientists Are Like "Uh What"

There are more sharks than ever hanging out just off the coast of Southern California and it has scientists scratching their little heads.

A California shark lab in Long Beach tagged 38 sharks this year, which is more than three times the amount of sharks they tagged last year and the largest number per year in 10 years.

The high number of sharks isn't the only weird part, either — the sharks are also being found in places they usually don't even go, like off the coasts of San Diego.

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38 sharks tagged off the coast of Southern California this year (so far)

The sharks aren't even being aggressive or interacting with humans — they're just kind of hanging out, lingering longer than they normally would.

Chris Lowe, a professor of marine biology and director of the shark lab at California State University Long Beach, has been on the case all year, posting updates on the large number of sharks his team has been finding.

His Twitter is filled with videos and photos showing the sharks just hanging out, as he tries to figure out what the heck they're doing.

He offers some theories as to why the sharks, especially young ones, like to hang out near the shores, generally. 

Though scientists remain perplexed as to why there have been so many sharks off the SoCal coast this year, they suspect it probably has something to do with climate change or food supply.

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