Clayton Kershaw may have just won the World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but off the field, he is living that Dad Life™️ to the max.

Kershaw married his high school sweetheart, Ellen, in 2010 after proposing to her at just 21 years old, and the pair had three adorable children.

Kershaw puts family life first, too — when the MLB suggested possibly sequestering everyone in one place for the 2020 season, he refused to be away from his family for 4.5 months.

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He regularly posts photos of his family on his Instagram, and they are...extremely adorable.

He is the ultimate family man, doing things like "riding bikes with his beautiful family in a suburban neighborhood" and "adorably teaching his daughter how to fish."

And just like parents everywhere, he's also getting interrupted by his kids during work Zoom meetings.

When his kids aren't interrupting his Zoom calls as he talks to his work, baseball, about pitching in the actual World Series, they are hanging out with their mom and watching dad play.

This family loves to be on bikes.

...As well as generally look like if a family was a greeting card.

Their tiniest child experienced his first spring training this year!

And of course, they have a family charity.

A sweeter family has perhaps never graced Instagram — thanks for letting us be a part of it (kind of), Kershaws.