Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner spoke out last night after testing positive for COVID-19, saying in a tweet that he was not experiencing any symptoms.

His positive COVID test news came mid-game last night and he was immediately removed from the game after seven innings.

However, he came back an hour after the game to pose with his teammates and hold the trophy — and fans had mixed reactions.

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Some fans were dismayed that Justin could be out there right away celebrating with his team.

 And were then reminded that he did celebrate with them, and he also took off his mask when doing so.

One fan caught the moment on television where Justin and wife Kourtney Turner walked onto the field post-win.

Actor Bradley Whitford was all about sending Justin that love and support.

One fan replied to Bradley, letting him know his very different opinion.

All of the other Dodgers were given rapid COVID tests upon returning to their hotel last night, according to reports.