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Wild Parties Raged All Night On Los Angeles’s Streets After Dodgers Win (VIDEOS)

Dodger fans partied on the streets of Los Angeles into the wee hours of the night celebrating the team's first World Series win in three decades.

Whittier Boulevard in East Los Angeles was particularly lit up with huge crowds, people waving flags, cars honking, and fireworks just absolutely everywhere constantly.

Fans posted videos of the massive gathering on Twitter all night, as "East LA" trended. 

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People set fireworks off all night in the streets, the scene smoky from all the activity.

There was heavy police activity on Whittier Boulevard, but that didn't really stop the party.

The East LA party could be seen (and heard) from all over the city.

One car even ran over a firework and caught on fire.

There was dancing in the streets.

Three decades of waiting resulted in a pretty huge celebration overall.

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