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These 9 Famous Los Angeles Landmarks Look Super Haunted Right Now (PHOTOS)

Los Angeles during COVID looks like a very different, almost haunted version of its usual self, and the same goes for all of the famous landmarks it contains.

With COVID cases surging and most of the state back in the "purple" (most restrictive) tier, people are being asked to stay at home as much as possible.

It's quiet outside, and less crowded. In a city where there's usually, say, 6,000,0000 people per square inch, now there's MAYBE, like, 60. (This math is hyperbole and I am not a mathematician, deal with it). 

That said, here's what nine of LA's most famous areas look like this week.

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Hollywood, Generally

Hollywood Boulevard is not packed like it usually would be, pre-COVID times, even if there ARE still people around.

Come night time, it's pretty deserted, though, which would absolutely never be the case, "regularly".

Hollywood Boulevard, Specifically

This kind of stuff (people making dance videos in the middle of the street) is still definitely going on though — that never changes.

And COVID aside, people are definitely still walking around Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame.

The TCL Chinese Theater

You can't go to a movie in LA right now, so this famous theater on Hollywood Boulevard is, of course, still very closed.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is currently closed but the grounds look about the same — it's just a LOT less crowded.


People have been outraged about Disneyland being closed pretty much throughout this whole pandemic, but regardless, it's currently still extremely closed.

Very, VERY closed.

You simply cannot get more closed than this, as far as Disneyland is concerned.

Third Street Promenade

It'd be tough to find Santa Monica's extremely popular outdoor shopping street this bare during normal times as people are usually shoved in here like sardines.

Union Station

Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles is usually packed to the walls with travelers, but now? Not so much.

The Hollywood Bowl

Known for its epic concerts, this outdoor concert hall nestled into Griffith Park is not known for being so empty.

The Traffic

The most famous Los Angeles landmark is, perhaps, its traffic, and this bare street in Los Feliz says it all (because normally this street would be jam-packed with cars).

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