This LA Little Tokyo Shop Sells 18 Wild Different Types Of Mochis

Then THOSE mochis have sub-genres.
This LA Little Tokyo Shop Sells 18 Wild Different Types Of Mochis

Fugetsu-Do in the Little Tokyo district of Downtown Los Angeles knows what they're doing when it comes to making mochi — they've been doing it for 117 years.

The shop opened in 1903, and ever since they've been making the wildest, most beautiful desserts in all of LA, including their famous "rainbow dango," a rainbow-colored mochi. 

The shop sells a huge variety of mochi — according to the menu on their website, there are 18 different types you can order and then THOSE types have sub-genres of mochi flavors included (so, way more, actually).

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Regardless of what type of package you choose to order, the results will be extremely colorful.

The Little Tokyo location features a ton of flavors exclusively available when visiting the shop in person, from traditional pieces to new fruity flavors and seasonal specialties.

The store sells too many different types of mochi to even be able to feature online.

You can buy Fugetsu-Do mochi at many stores across Los Angeles, but the best to get it is right from the source at their original location.

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