Between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, Mackinac Island in northern Michigan is one of the state's greatest treasures — and there's something fun there for literally every age. If you want to feel like you've stepped out of the modern world & into the past for a day, you need to check this place out. 

The quirkiest thing about the island as that there are no cars allowed. This has been the case since cars were first invented over 100 years ago & quickly became more of a tourist attraction than an inconvenience. 

Don't worry about your feet getting tired with all of the walking though, because there are plenty of other ways to get around the island.

There are five different bike rental shops and plenty of horse-drawn carriages waiting to take people where they need to go. 

The island is famous for its fudge & historical buildings; we definitely recommend biking to pick up some samples. It's so good that over 10,000 lbs of fudge leave the island daily.

One of the most famous and most fun restaurants on this isle of the past that is a must-visit is the Pink Pony.

This bar and restaurant is inside of the Chippewa Hotel right next to the water and is always a bright, colorful, & fun visit.

This place has even been listed as one of the best restaurants in the country for outside dining. The porch is absolutely amazing and hangs out over Lake Michigan, giving incredible views. 

There's always a good time here and is a hotspot for people looking to have fun. 

There are several historic buildings on this island including the Governor's Mansion, the Grand Hotel, and Fort Mackinac. The Fort has live actors that portray what it was like to live in the military base back then and it's seriously cool.

The Grand Hotel is a historic landmark and it's absolutely stunning. It was built 130 years ago and is decorated in a super retro style that will take you back a century.

Its porch is even world-famous for being the longest wrap-around porch in the world & it's the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunset after a long day of biking around the island. 

There have been several movies filmed here & a tour through the elegant labyrinth of a hotel is always worth your time. 

To get to the island, you drive all the way upstate until you're at the Mackinac Bridge at the most northern part of the lower peninsula.

From there you can take a ferry to the island that will cost you $25 for a round trip if you buy your ticket online

This little sliver of the past is totally worth the visit; from beautiful views to fudge, & even a bike or carriage ride through history, you'll feel like you've traveled back in time on Mackinac Island.

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Mackinac Island 

Price: 💸 to 💸💸💸

When: All year long, but the best views are in the summer.

Address: Mackinac Island, MI 49757

Why You Need To Go: It's an absolutely unique experience with tons of fun activities and bars to check out.