You Can Find An Enchanting 'Wall Of Trees' Hidden At This Florida Park

A surreal jungle trek away from the city.🌴
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If you ever wanted to experience the surreal beauty of a jungle, this Florida park has your covered. Tree Tops Park near Miami is a labyrinth of unique trees and maze-like boardwalks. This Florida wonder is a magical place to explore, and you can experience it all for under $2.

Nestled just outside the hustle and bustle of urban South Florida, the mostly marshland Tree Tops Park is a haven for those craving a relaxing day within the region's wondrous nature.

For just a $1.50 per person, you'll have access to 23-acres of zig-zagging boardwalks and trails through jungle-growth treetops.

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You can venture into an area that looks like a "wall of trees," where the trees seemingly sprout up from the ground and create an enchanting space.

It's a surreal experience that looks as if it came straight from a fairytale book.

Along with your walk through Tree Tops Park, you'll encounter a huge observation tower that provides a beautiful view of the park.

You'll zig-zag your way up flights of wooden stairs to reach the top, and once you're there, be prepared for a gorgeous view of the jungle park that surrounds you.

As the area is mostly reclaimed marshland, most of the treks through Tree Tops Parks will be made on wooden boardwalks. 

These boardwalks spiral through the park, taking you past magical trees and other tropical areas that make it feel as if you're in Jumanji.

Tree Tops Park is a hidden gem in South Florida, a place that is spellbinding in its surreal beauty

Tree Tops Park

Price: $1.50 per person

Address: 3900 S.W. 100th Ave., Davie, FL

Why You Need To Go: This South Florida park feels like a fairytale filled with tropical trails and a "wall of trees." 

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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