Miss Vickie's Chips Are Being Recalled In Ontario & People Are Finding Glass In Their Bags

If you're looking for something salty to snack on, you might want to look a little more closely at that bag of Miss Vickie's chips.

The company issued a recall in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada on Tuesday.

What the company describes as a voluntary recall was issued due to reports of small pieces of glass being found in some bags of Miss Vickie's chips, the company says.

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Miss Vickie’s Canada issued a voluntary recall in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada for [...] Miss Vickie’s potato chip products due to [reports] of small pieces of glass found at the bottom of the bag. Miss Vickie's

Miss Vickie's has provided a list of what they say is all the affected batches.

When the chips were recalled, the company reported that "a small number of consumer concerns related to this matter have been reported to date" and one minor dental injury had been reported.

Anyone who has purchased a bag with the listed manufacturing codes and best-before dates "should not consume it and are urged to dispose of or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund," says Miss Vickie's.

The company says it is co-ordinating the recall with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

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