If you've been looking for work, look no further than this! Subway Canada jobs are available in the thousands right now and there’s everything from entry-level positions to management roles. Do you have what it takes to be a sandwich artist?

As businesses across Canada prepare to start reopening, Subway franchise owners are looking to hire almost 6,000 people all over the country.

There's tons of different jobs available right now, ranging from entry-level roles to management roles and senior positions.

So, you could be a sandwich artist working to fill up tasty subs or a shift manager and take other employees under your wing. Other positions include assistant manager, manager and multi-unit manager.

In a news release shared with Narcity, the vice president of operations for North America at Subway explained that demand for staff is now increasing at many locations because of reopenings, curbside pick-ups and deliveries.

The sandwich company is hoping that this hiring spree during the summer will address some of the effects of the ongoing health crisis and enhance community connections.

If you want to submit an application or even just learn about what opportunities there are, you can find more information online or just contact the Subway location near you.

New measures have been introduced at locations all over Canada so that employees and customers are safe.

That includes giving masks to every employee, and putting up plastic shields at registers so that there's protection even when physical distancing isn't possible.

Even though we're not totally back to normal, there are still lots of jobs available for Canadians looking to get back to work.

The Canada Summer Job program has thousands of part-time and full-time positions open across the country, that are ideal for students in so many different industries.

There are also openings in the country's agri-food and essential service sectors.

Rogers has been virtually hiring for hundreds of positions in B.C., with some roles requiring almost no experience at all.

Last week, the federal government also announced an extension of the CERB, so that Canadians who are struggling to find work won't have to job-hunt without their benefits.

Entry-Level & Management Roles

Company: Subway

Salary: Varies

Why You Should Apply: If you're looking for work, there are almost 6,000 positions available right now. Strict health and safety measures remain in place at all locations, so that both new and existing employees are safe.

Apply Here

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