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NASA Is About To Land A Historic Rover On Mars

You'll be able to see how it goes down. 🚀👽
NASA Is About To Land A Historic Rover On Mars

NASA will finally be landing a man-made object on one of Earth's closest neighbors since the Mars Insight lander in 2018.

The object, a rover dubbed "Perseverance," launched back in July of 2020, and it is now closing in on the red planet.

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As our cosmic neighbor and as a destination Mars continues to captivate our imagination both as scientist and explorers Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA associate administrator

The rover will complete its six-month-long journey on February 18 and will be landing in what is known as the Jezero Crater, which will be the most dangerous spot on Mars NASA has attempted to land on.

The rover is on a mission to search for signs of ancient life on the red planet, as previous NASA missions have discovered evidence that Mars once hosted running water before becoming a frozen desert.

Another exciting part of the mission is that you will get to ride along on the mission, as the rover is equipped with more cameras than any other interplanetary mission in history.

In addition to the 19 cameras equipped on the rover, two different microphones are attached to the rover, which will allow for people to hear the sounds of landing on Mars for the first time.

You'll be able to witness the historic event live, as NASA will be hosting a live stream event on their official Youtube channel and Twitter account.

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