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An airline passenger flying on Spirit Airlines recorded a TikTok video of the maintenance staff repairing the aircraft's wing with tape. It looks as if they are putting standard duct tape to patch up an issue, which worried the woman behind the camera. However, it's a totally normal process.

In fact, it's airplane speed tape used to help with minor repairs on a high-speed vessel. While it might seem troublesome to the average citizen, this tape is pressure sensitive and specifically designed for this type of use.

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There are a few Eiffel Tower replicas across the United States that maintain the famous look of the Paris landmark, and one of them is tucked away in a small town in Tennessee.

With a city name like Paris, TN it only makes sense that it would have its very own 60-foot-tall version of the Iron Lady that you can visit for a dreamy Parisian vacation without ever leaving the country.

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When life's daily stressors get to be too much, sometimes you just have to find a good way to relax. Spa treatments are an ideal way to kick your feet up and just forget about the real world for a little while.

One place where you can definitely find that type of self-care is the Serenity Salt Cave, located in Nolensville, TN, which offers a 45-minute session inside a huge cave covered in Himalayan Pink salt.

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Tennessee State Parks are ideal for camping under the stars and immersing yourself in nature if the season permits, but this brand-new resort allows you to enjoy the park year-round from the comforts of a cozy room.

The Lodge at Paris Landing State Park in Buchanan, TN is situated right on the water and provides nature lovers with modern amenities to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

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Nashville is known for its hot chicken, live music, and swanky speakeasies. Every year millions of tourists file through the Music City to shop, let loose, and enjoy some of the best bars and restaurants the South has to offer.

If you're planning a trip, it can be beneficial to ask someone who lives in the area about popular spots that can't be missed. Many of these spots can be left off of your itinerary.

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