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911 Calls Aren't Going Through In Multiple Canadian Provinces Right Now

There's a huge outage happening out east.
New Brunswick 911 Technical Issues Mean That Emergency Calls Aren't Going Through

This is something to be aware of! New Brunswick 911 technical issues mean calls to the emergency line aren't going through all over the province. Now it's happening in other parts of the Maritimes too.

RCMP tweeted about the situation and said that people in New Brunswick can call 506-429-3973 for an emergency that's in the force's jurisdiction.

The police force's Nova Scotia branch also confirmed they are having the same problem. 

Due to a technical issue with the phone lines, 911 calls are not getting through across New Brunswick.

RCMP New Brunswick

The police force has asked for a public alert message to be sent out about this.

Saint John Police confirmed that 911 calls aren't getting through. People can call 1-506-648-3333 for any emergency or incident.

However, someone tweeted that they're not even able to call the regular line.

The City of Fredericton said that its service line is also down because of a major Bell outage.

The phone company has put out a tweet of their own stating that they "are currently experiencing a network issue impacting wireless and landline voice services for some customers in Atlantic Canada." 

The situation is under investigation. 

Via RCMP New Brunswick