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You Can Get Over 50 Kinds Of King Cakes At This Massive New Orleans Mansion

King cake calories don't count.

Carnival season has officially commenced, so it's completely appropriate to stuff your face with king cakes from now until Mardi Gras. Typically a mix between a coffee cake and a cinnamon roll, these New Orleans delicacies are all the rage right now. From the classic creations to the recipes with a twist, you can find over 50 types of king cake in this New Orleans mansion.  

King Cake Hub has taken residency in the Mystere Mansion, and it's your one-stop shop to finding everything you need to get in the Carnival spirit. 

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9 Hidden Bars In New Orleans That Only Locals Know About

Gotta find them all!

New Orleans is super well known for the crazy Mardi Gras party scene. Most people come to town looking for hand grenades on Bourbon Street, Hurricanes at Pat O's and drive-thru daiquiri shops. What might surprise many are the tons of unique bars totally hidden from tourists. If you're looking for bars in New Orleans, this list will definitely be a handy tool to keep when you're looking for a unique drinking night with the girls. 

1. Snake & Jake's Christmas Club Lounge

Price: 💸

Address: 7612 Oak St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: If you end up at "Snakes" chances are you got really great advice from a local, because you won't find this spot on your typical "Best Bars in New Orleans" list. The only sign that Snake's actually exists is a fake light up wreath and a regal bar mural on the side of what looks like a shack.


2. Potions Lounge

Price: 💸💸

Address: 733 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: Potions is one of the only real speakeasies in New Orleans, so you'll need to head to the Boutique Du Vampyre and ask the shopkeep for the password. Then head around the corner to this vampire-themed speakeasy. Every night at midnight, they have half-price midnight margaritas.


3. The Dungeon

Price: 💸💸

Address: 738 Toulouse St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: The Dungeon is down a tiny secret alley just a quarter block off of Bourbon Street, so most tourists miss it! There are no pictures allowed inside The Dungeon, which just adds to the mystique. Picture this: a dark red hue to everything inside, heavy metal music playing in the background, tons of skulls atop the bar and cages to sit in.


4. Tiki Tolteca

Price: 💸💸

Address: 301 N. Peters St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: This bar is a crazy combo of speakeasy and tiki bar. They are located on top of Felipe's Taqueria, and you are more than welcome to bring your quesadilla upstairs to enjoy. Their tiki drinks are unmatched.


5. The Saint

Price: 💸

Address: 961 St Mary St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: The Saint is just one of those bars that sucks you in like a black hole, in the best possible way. While you're enjoying an awesome DJ, delicious drinks (try the frozen cucumber drink, you won't be disappointed).


6. Pete's Out In The Cold

Price: 💸

Address: 701 6th St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: Pete's is a great community bar with cheap, strong drinks, that not everyone can get into. On the corner of Pete's, you hit a buzzer, and the bartender will either let you in or tell you to scram. If you do get in, chat with Kevin the bartender and play some great tunes on their old-timey jukebox.


7. Twelve Mile Limit

Price: 💸

Address: 500 S Telemachus St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: The drinks are super cheap at this neighborhood bar but don't let that fool you, they're created with real mixology in mind. Hit them up for free food Monday's (yes, that says free food), and old fashioned dance parties on the second Saturday of each month.


8. Shamrock

Price: 💸

Address: 4133 South Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: Shamrock is a 16,000-square-foot adult arcade with 23 pool tables, a designated beer pong area, giant Jenga, over 20 beers on tap and a full kitchen menu.


9. R Bar

Price: 💸

Address: 1431 Royal St., New Orleans, LA

Why You Need To Go: Local's love R Bar because even though it's in the French Quarter, it's off the beaten path just enough, that it's not swamped with tourists. Have you ever thought, "man, I really need a haircut, but also a shot." Well, this is the place for you. Haircut + a shot is a special they run every so often, and it's only 10 bucks. How about some free Jambalaya? It's free to bar patrons, all you have to do is tip the chef.

WebsiteDon't forget to check out this secret boozy adult playground or if you're into catching up with your fave athletes, here's a list of places to "casually" run into Saints players.

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