Canada is known for its varying temperatures. It can go from cold and snowy to sunny and hot practically overnight. However, Canada's weather forecast for the weekend is actually calling for both at the same time.

The Weather Network reports that near the west coast, the air mass floating above the Rocky Mountains appears to be well below seasonal temperatures, dropping to 25 below zero.

That's enough to create snowfall at high elevations, meaning that at least one part of Canada could be getting some summer flakes. 

On top of that, the air mass could be stirring up some pretty rough thunderstorms by destabilizing the atmosphere.

Most of that snowfall will stay high up on the mountains, however, meaning that most people won't experience it firsthand.

Still, having snowfall anywhere in the country in June is pretty wild.

By contrast, an area that is generally pretty cold, even this time of year, is going to be absolutely sweltering.

The Hudson Bay region in Northern Ontario is expected to be hit by a massive heatwave, according to the Weather Network. That's in spite of the fact that earlier in the month, the region saw 12 days of below-freezing temperatures.

Environment Canada is predicting that the Fort Severn area will hit a high of 30 degrees on Sunday. That will be followed by temperatures in the mid-twenties for the rest of the week.

Some parts of Ontario have already been hit by some major heatwaves, with Toronto almost hitting 40 degrees on some days.

Canada Day is also expected to be a hot one in the province, with temperatures predicted to hit the 40 degree point again.

The country has been heading into summer with some very warm weather. Earlier in the month, even Nunavut had a heat warning put in place.

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