One Toronto food joint had an eventful evening after someone knocked over one of their pizza displays. 

In a video posted on Reddit, the Toronto pizza shop fight reportedly broke out after one guy got mad at another customer for not wearing a face covering. 

In the video, the man can be seen yelling before angrily pushing at the glass display that holds the pies, before it goes toppling to the ground. 


According to the user who posted the video, the incident first started when the guy noticed another shopper without a mask. 

He reportedly pulled out his phone and started to record, only for the customer to pull up his hood and turn away.  

The man approached the shopper, who quickly pushed him back. 

The incident led to the man yelling that "he assaulted me," and toppling over the glass display case. 

According to the Reddit user, the incident reportedly happened at the Pizza Pizza location on Queens Quay.

Pizza Pizza told Narcity in a statement that "We prioritize protecting the health, safety and well-being of our teams and customers every day."

"There were no injuries during this incident and our team members are safe."* 

*This article has been updated. 

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