Since Canadians might not be flocking to voting booths anytime soon, it only makes sense that we stick our nose into the U.S. election in the meantime, right? 

Well, a new poll from 338Canada and Léger suggests that Canadians may not have much love for Trump, according to a Maclean's report

In fact, it looks like Canadians overwhelmingly support Joe Biden, the only group that's more balanced is Conservatives in Canada. 

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Canadians who would vote for Trump 

The poll, which asked "If you could vote in the U.S. presidential election, would you vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump?" showed that 72% of Canadians said they would support Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Only 14% of respondents said they would vote for Donald Trump, while another 14% were undecided.

They also looked at presidential preferences compared to party preferences here in Canada. 

Almost every political party showed around 90% of respondents supporting Biden except the Conservatives. They only had 59% choosing the Democratic leader.

According to the report, while Canadians can't vote they might have a stake in the U.S elections since any decision they make could have "tremendous" consequences on the Canadian economy as partners.

"The relationship between President Donald Trump and the Trudeau government has been lukewarm at best since 2016," the report read.

However today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reached out to Trump and wished him and his wide well after they tested positive for coronavirus. 

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