Nickelback Is At The Centre Of A New TikTok Trend & It's Pretty Thirsty (VIDEOS)

The group have responded to their new social media fame. 👀

Nickelback. Right: Chad Kroeger in 'She Keeps Me Up' music video.

Nickelback. Right: Chad Kroeger in 'She Keeps Me Up' music video.

A 2014 Nickelback song has recently become the latest bop to be featured in a TikTok trend and the band has issued a response to their newfound virality.

On the social media platform, people are posting videos of themselves showing off their "before" and "after" pictures with the song "She Keeps Me Up."

While the lyrics "funky little monkey, she's a twisted trickster, everybody wants to be the sister's mister" play, people go from an average look to a super glammed up look with a hair toss acting as the transition between the two.


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With some of the TikToks gathering millions of views, it's definitely given the band a bit of a boost for a song that was released before the platform even excited.

Over on their socials, Nickelback posted a short and sweet message about the trend.

"Thanks for all the love for 'She Keeps Me Up,'" they wrote. "That one was pretty unexpected!"

While the song may be enjoying new fame, people in the comments of the Nickelback post shared that they've been loving it for years.

"That song has always been an awesome one! The fans always knew it, glad everyone else is appreciating the fun jam," wrote one person.

"When I leave an awful shift at work, I put this on, crank the volume and shake off the BS from the last 8 hours! Love this song," another said.

If you're looking for new music from the group, the band was recently in B.C. to shoot a music video for their song "San Quentin" which featured a cameo from Canada's second highest-paid TikToker, Kris Collins.

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