Posting threats in the internet can land you in some pretty hot water. For the first time ever, a 62-year-old Quebec man is facing multiple charges, after he allegedly posted online threats to Justin Trudeau and the Muslim community. Police discovered around 100 posts that were deemed to be hateful, threatening and that incited violence.

In a news release shared on July 13, the RCMP confirmed that a Boucherville resident is facing several charges related to violent and threatening posts online. 

This is the first time charges of “advocating genocide” have ever been laid in the province.

André Audet, who is 62-years-old, has been charged in connection with threats to the prime minister, and threats to the Muslim community explains the RCMP statement.

The online posts were shared by Audet under a variety of pseudonyms on several different social media platforms. Approximately 100 “hate posts, threats and/or posts inciting violence” were found across the man’s online accounts.

In particular, “the accused called for the death of Justin Trudeau and encouraged the eradication of Muslims,” explained the RCMP.

In addition to charges of advocating genocide, the 62-year-old man is also accused of public incirement of hatred, willful promotion of hatred, and intimidation of a justice system participant or a journalist.

An investigation into Audet’s online activity was launched by the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET), after they received information about the man’s “disturbing online posts”

The man attended court back in December 2019, as part of the same investigation.

He will appear at the Longueuil courthouse again on July 13, 2020.

In their statement, police added, "The RCMP takes seriously any threats that can affect one's sense of security."

"Violent statements will not be tolerated," they continued, noting that those who post such things online may face criminal charges with "significant sentences."

This comes just weeks after a man broke into the grounds of Rideau Hall, and was subsequently charged with uttering threats against the prime minister.

The man had multiple firearms in his possession when he entered the grounds of Trudeau’s home on July 2, including two shotguns, an M14 rifle and a Hi-Standard revolver.

The PM and his family were not present at the time.

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