Ahoy, matey! While forests might sound like an ideal place to view fall foliage, you can see some stunning colours by gliding through the water instead.

Ontario's fall colours cruise will float you past vibrant shorelines for a totally unique seasonal experience.

Muskoka Steamships & Discovery Centre offers one to two-hour scenic cruises.

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The gorgeous steamships will transport you back to the past, especially when riding the Segwun.

The Segwun, which was built in 1887, is North America’s oldest operating coal-fired steamship.

The experience runs until October 12, and you can book a spot online starting at $34.

Set sail around colourful shores on this autumn sightseeing cruise.

Muskoka Fall Cruises

Price: $34 + per adult

When: Until October 12, 2020

Address: 185 Cherokee Ln., Gravenhurst, ON

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy the fall colours in a unique way with Muskoka's steamship cruises.

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