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You Can Visit With Baby Goats On This Live Cam In Ontario & They're Too Cute To Handle

This is the distraction everyone needs. 🐐

If you need a dose of cuteness in your day, look no further. 

Ontario's Haute Goat farm just welcomed 30 baby goats, and they are almost too adorable to handle. 

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The best part is, you don't need to leave your house in order to visit these furry little friends.

The farm has three live "goat cams," and you can see some of the babies frolicking around their pens.

The 24-hour live cams are free to use and can be found on the venue's website.

The babies aren't always able to be seen, but you can often catch some scurrying around.

According to the website, you can see more little goats on the live cams when other newborns join the family in April.

If your day is lacking cuteness, these heart-melting baby billies are here to help.

Haute Goat Live Cams

Price: Free

Address: 1166 5th Line, Port Hope, Ontario

Why You Need To Go: Visit some adorable baby goats from home with these 24-hour live cams.